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Watch the 2011 Video Presentation from the City of Clearwater by clicking on the picture above.

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 "I’m calling all you Angels"


"I won’t give up if you don’t give up"



 ...and Kari too!



Watch the 2012 Video presentation from the City of Clearwater by clicking on the picture above. 

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 St Patrick’s Day 2011




 Our 6th yr.



 Too many people are dying while waiting for an organ transplant.

Luckily my Sister Jackie wasn’t one of them!






A solo motorcycle ride on a Statewide effort to raise awareness for the importance of Eye, Organ and Tissue Donation.

I only ask two things.

First, choose to be a Donor~or not. Once a decision is reached, tell your family because they need to know. They have the power to carry out your wishes.

Second, find one other person that has not made a "choice". Tell them what you know, and ask them to do the same favor by finding one person...and so on, and so on...etc.

Soon, not so many people will be waiting so long!



"movin’ ahead so life won’t pass me by"

~Jim Croce



While charitable donations, research, and an improving medical field all help to find cures for the diseases that lead to transplantation, too many people are still dying while waiting.

Myths, wrong information, and fear are all reasons why people tend to shy away from thinking about Organ Donation. I want to bring the subject out into the open and debunk those myths, clarify the information, and bring about a way to encourage donation by sharing my own personal experiences.

So for these reasons, my family, the memory of my Father, and all those that are on the transplant list, and for those that will be, I RIDE.














Four Wheels Move the Body.
Two Wheels Move the Soul.

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